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      摘要:The Fred V. Fowler Company is globally recognized as one of today’s leading suppliers of quality control and inspection equipment.

      Looking Forward
      A message from Fowler President/CEO David Francis.

      Now in our 68th year Fowler High Precision is globally recognized as one of today's leading suppliers of high quality inspection, leveling, control and calibration equipment. Since 1946, we have been dedicated to supplying the most innovative products available anywhere in the world. Our company’s long-standing affiliations with other industry leaders such as Wyler, Sylvac, Bowers and Trimos have helped us remain dynamic, responsive and at the forefront of our industry’s ever-changing demands.

      As North American manufacturers continue to produce products that are smaller, lighter, faster, more precise and just-in-time, Fowler continues to introduce important new tools designed to lead the way in inspection and measurement. Familiar items including calipers, micrometers, indicators, height gages and bore gages have been carefully redesigned with state-of-the-art electronics to ensure compatibility with the latest in computer integrated manufacturing and control.

      Our newest and most advanced products include Fowler/Wyler levels which can measure critical applications with sensitivity to 0.2 arc seconds and give the operator readings using Bluetooth wireless data transmission. Fowler/Sylvac smart electronics have increased accuracy, longer battery life up to 10,000 hours and built-in functions including Min/Max/Delta/TOL/Factor and preset. Fowler/Bowers the world’s leader in bore gaging instruments has just introduced a carbon fiber beam gage that is light enough, yet rigid enough for one operator to make interior and exterior measurements at a range of 6 feet (1900mm) with amazing accuracy and repeatability. Our Fowler/Trimos Nano Calibration System is now fully automated in each XYZ axis and will repeat to four millionths of an inch. Should your laboratory go beyond a specified temperature range, don’t worry the Nano’s integrated temperature compensation system can be set to automatically call your smart phone.

      Beyond great products Fowler is focused on people. Our technical field-sales team our repair and service technicians and every Fowler associate from the front office to the distribution center is committed to the highest level of customer service and support. Our goal is to correctly process and ship each new order every day, no questions asked.

      With a strong commitment to innovative products and smart customer-focused people the Fowler Company is well positioned for continued strong growth for the next 65 years.

      Thank you,

      David Francis
      Fowler High Precision

      To our Valued Customers:
      Fowler High Precision Newton, Massachusetts
      We at Fowler are proud to stand behind our slogan, "Fowler Tools and Instruments-A Standard of Quality and Accuracy".

      Fowler's primary concern is YOU. This concern underlies all of our efforts to maintain a large and varied stock of tools, instruments and testing equipment that represents the utmost in quality and reliability at reasonable prices.

      To meet the demands of engineers, toolmakers and machinists throughout the country and internationally, all Fowler instruments must conform to our strict specifications and are constructed with care from the finest materials available, Yet beyond quality and accuracy, we strive for something more—service. We maintain large inventories in order to assure prompt, efficient delivery.

      Across the nation and abroad, industrial distributors handle sales and service of Fowler tools and instruments, making sure that the best is available to you when you need it.

      Fowler Tools and Instruments are sold only through industrial distributors. To back up these distributors who service you, our offices and warehouse have the capacity for prompt and efficient delivery. Our staff will provide technical and service information.

      Quality, accuracy, selection and prompt service are synonymous with our name. At Fowler, your demands are our standard.

      Industry Served
      Fowler High Precision is globally recognized as one of today's leading suppliers of quality control and inspection equipment. Founded in 1946, we have dedicated our 62 year history to supplying the most innovative measuring products possible.

      Innovation in Measuring
      As industry moves more in the direction of computer-aided manufacturing, Fowler continues to introduce important new tools designed to lead the way in inspection and measuring. Familiar items—including calipers, micrometers, indicators, height gages and bore gages — have been redesigned and now feature state of the art electronics to ensure compatibility with the latest in computer integrated manufacturing and statistical process control (SPC).

      Customer Focused
      In order to reliably meet customer expectations, Fowler's technical sales team is in the field. We are customer focused and customer driven. "Downsized" American manufacturing is time poor and demand rich. Manufacturers increasingly rely on their key supply chain partners to make critical product decisions.
      At Fowler, we are absolutely committed to providing our customers total support. What Fowler brings to a customer is a partnership in the ability to satisfy your requirements in terms of quality, cost and service.

      After Sales Support
      Using a team approach, we will demonstrate to your you that working harder with fewer people does not have to mean that quality is in any way compromised...on the contrary, quality is the key to sustained growth in a downsized manufacturing environment.
      Sales support should never start and stop with an introductory sales meeting. Fowler sales support means a different approach to our customers needs. We have direct field support, and a full staff of technical and knowledgeable personnel ready to help you. 

      Product Support
      Your customers want it now: service support and stock availability are the name of the game. Well, as a supplier of instruments we back that up. Fowler ships 95% of all orders every day. We have an extensive inventory and a fast and professional service department backed by the industry's best warranty program.

      Quality is our passion. Quality in management, quality in sales, service and support and most of all, quality in products sold. Let's face it, ultimately you choose instrument providers based on what they can bring to the table. When you own Fowler products, you own value, solid experience, innovation, a get-it-done spirit and the best precision instruments in the world.

      Fowler incorporated in 1946, has grown nationwide and across North America. Fowler is also available in Mexico. By exclusively distributing products manufactured by world leaders in measuring, Fowler has become a major force in the field of precision electronic tools. Each of our offices have demonstration centers to familiarize our customers with our products. In addition, our national network of select distributors are well-trained, stocked and ready to help you with your measuring needs.



      Since 1946, Fowler High Precision has been a leading supplier of precision measurement instruments and electronic gauges ideal for quality control and inspection.  Located in Newton, Massachusetts, Fowler High Precision strives to provide consumers with excellent products at competitive prices without any compromises.  Fowler manufactures a wide variety of precision measurement tools including: Bore Gages, Calipers, Height Gages, Microscopes, and many more!  Fowler has established strong business relationships with industry leading manufacturers such as SylvacTrimosWyler AG, and Bowers Metrology.  As the U.S. agent for each of these four companies, Fowler is able to constantly introduce new and innovating tools to the precision measurement industry.

      Fowler High Precision proudly offers electronic tools with a focus on user-friendly experience and current technologies.  Fowler is known throughout the industry for being able to supply the best quality electronic measurement tools for customers who need to hook their gages up to a P.C. or laptop for data collection purposes.  Many of these tools have innovative features such as:

      • Easy to use two-button electronics
      • High accuracy
      • Sustained battery life up to 10,000 hours
      • Bluetooth wireless data transmission (Sylvac products)
      • Built-in Min/Max/Delta/TOL/Factor and preset functions
      • Lightweight carbon fiber material
      • Smart phone notifications based on parameter settings

      Fowler High Precision also offers non-electronic tools as well such as Micrometers, Gage Blocks, Dial Indicators, and Dial Calipers. These tools are made with the same meticulous quality control as their electrical counterparts and are one of the most commonly requested brands among machinists. Fowler is able to offer premium measuring instruments without the large price tag.

      In 2014, Fowler High Precision introduced the Mobile Tech Center (MTC) which is a customized motor coach packed with all types of precision measurement tools. This new and innovative "showroom on wheels" gives Fowler the opportunity to be able to demonstate products in front of customers who may not typically get a chance to see them. To learn more about about the MTC, check out our block on the Fowler High Precision Mobile Tech Center.

      HigherPrecision.com is proud to offer all Fowler High Precision products. If there is a product you were not able to locate on HigherPrecision.com, please contact us through the Live Chat feature to speak with a product specialist, email (info@higherprecision.com), or call 617-420-2517.  If a Fowler High Precision measurement tool is needed for the job, rest assured HigherPrecision.com is your one-stop-shop for quick, industry leading service.

      Fowler High Precision products available online:

      • Fowler Bore Gages
      • Fowler Caliper Gages
      • Fowler Calipers
      • Fowler Depth Gages
      • Fowler Dial Gage Stands
      • Fowler Durometers
      • Fowler Gage Blocks
      • Fowler Hardness Testers
      • Fowler Height Gages
      • Fowler Indicators
      • Fowler Levels
      • Fowler Measuring Sets
      • Fowler Micrometer Heads
      • Fowler Micrometers
      • Fowler Microscopes
      • Fowler Miscellaneous Gages
      • Fowler Optical Comparators
      • Fowler Output Cables
      • Fowler Pin Gages
      • Fowler Probes & Readouts
      • Fowler Protractors
      • Fowler Reference Gages
      • Fowler Rules
      • Fowler Snap Gages
      • Fowler Squares
      • Fowler Surface Roughness
      • Fowler Thickness Gages
      • Fowler Thread Gages
      • Fowler Tool-A-Thon
      • Fowler Tool Presetters
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