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      SWT Precision Gage CO LTD
      Email swttool@yeah.net
      Phone 86051265012756

      SOWANT PRECISION GAGE CO., LTD., SOWANT Hardness Tester, SOWANT Tap and SOWANT Precision Measuring Tools will ensure you meet and exceed your quality assurance and measurement needs. The SOWANT family of ISO accredited companies proudly provides one-stop shopping for your Thread Plug Gages, Thread Ring Gages, Cylindrical Plug Gages, Cylindrical Ring Gages, Air Gages, API Gages, Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Testers, Rockwell, Brinell and Microhardness Test Blocks, Hardness Testing accessories, Special Taps and Measuring Tools. All these gages made in china with calibration report.

      SOWANT PRECISION GAGE CO., LTD. is a full-service gage company offering a complete line of precision thread plug and ring gages, plain cylindrical plug and ring gages, custom gauges, patented 3 wire thread measuring systems, API pipe gages, API master thread gages, tri-roll thread comparators, powerful thread engineering software, gear measuring wires and instruments, cutting tools, master disc and many gages which made in china. SOWANT PRECISION GAGE. offers a complete line of solid American tolerance thread ring, unified and metric thread gages. Thread Check Inc. manufactures thread gages to ANSI/ASME and many international standards including ISO, DIN, BS, and API gages.

      SOWANT PRECISION GAGE manufactures threaded and plain cylindrical plug gauges in chrome, tin coat, carbide, ceramic and other types of special materials. SOWANT PRECISION GAGE manufactures many types of special gages including pre-plates, multiple starts, special leads, acme thread gages, API thread gages, buttress thread gages, spline gages, trapezoidal gages, flex hole location gages, British thread gauge, STI Helical Coil gages, square thread gages, extra length thread gages, and custom gauges to print. All Thread Check, Inc. gages are manufactured to the high end of the tolerance to ensure longer gauge life. All gages are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST. The brands include Baoji Baoshi, HF(hongfeng)and so on.

      SOWANT PRECISION GAGE.'s customer service team is led by expertly trained sales engineers and supported by some of the industry's most talented manufacturing engineers and gauging experts. Our engineering staff will assist in the design and manufacturing of special gaging products from concept to completion. SOWANT PRECISION GAGE. offers express manufacturing and delivery services on many custom gauges at a premium charge.

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