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      Universal 螺纹量仪


       Universal Variable Reading Thread Gages
      Universal Variable Reading Thread Gages are accurate and reliable measuring systems that are a key factor in today's competitive manufacturing environment. Universal's variable thread gaging offers major economic advantages over fixed gaging to threaded product distributors and to incoming customer inspection functions in the areas of quality control, productivity, and gaging costs.  Customer demands on distributors normally require them to maintain large product inventories from numerous suppliers.  Although incoming customer inspection do not require inventories, they do require measurement of a large range of product.  Therefore, a leading gage requirement is to measure a wide range of thread types and sizes in a very time efficient  manner to ensure proper product quality.  Variable gaging clearly offers economic and efficiency advantages.  Not only do variable gages offer the versatility cited above, but they are much more time efficient and less costly when gage wear is considered.


       Reducing Inspection Time
      Universal Variable Reading Thread Gaging systems provide a fast and accurate way to maintain tolerances during the manufacturing process. Measurements of functional size, pitch diameter, minor diameter, major diameter, taper, and circularity can be quickly and accurately determined.

      COMPLIANCE TO STANDARDS - Both internal and external variable reading thread gaging systems meet the specifications for Federal, Military, and ANSI/ASME standards.

      PROVEN GAGING METHODS - Universal variable thread gaging generates actual measurements of features, allowing qualitative assessment of the inspected characteristic. Measurements obtained can be compared to the tolerance limits to determine trends in manufacturing.

      GAGING EFFICIENCY - Knowing the measured value allows operators to make adjustments to the machine more precisely and with less guess work. Variation from part to part can be monitored and adjustments made before limits are exceeded, improving the quality of products.

      COST CONSIDERATION - By measuring the position within the assigned tolerances, less time is spent in costly rework, sorting, and remanufacturing. The end result is improved quality and increased profit.

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